Feel Understood Find that Missing "Something" Create Your Own Path to Healing Experience Lasting Joy

Feel Understood
Find that Missing “Something”
Create Your Own Path to Healing
Experience Lasting Joy


Only you have the power to determine exactly what’s right for you, and how to move forward in your life. But sometimes it’s nice to have some help – someone to guide you along the way, and bring you back to your innate power. That’s what coaching is for. No matter what part of your life or yourself you are looking to grow, move forward with, learn about, or make decisions about, coaching can help you do those things from a space of empowerment and clarity. Through a variety of methods designed to guide you back to alignment with your true self, coaching gives you the tools, power and understanding to get to where you want to be.

“I highly recommend coaching with Jordanna. She is so intuitive, compassionate and loving. With her support, I’ve transformed old, limiting beliefs into powerful, self-affirming ones. Jordanna creates a safe space to explore everything that wants to be seen and witnessed. Jordanna empowers you to create a new reality, one in more alignment with who you truly are. If you are looking to strip away the false layers of conditioning and live a life that is a reflection of you, Jordanna is a vehicle to arrive there!” ~Lara, Yoga Therapist and Business Owner, Nyack, New York

Coaching can help you with:

  • Moving forward on a goal or dream

  • Improving your relationships

  • Becoming a better communicator

  • Identifying and processing your feelings and emotions

  • Developing balance in your life to move toward fulfillment on all levels

  • Gaining and maintaining a sense of personal power and strength

  • Developing a plan and sticking with it

  • Untangling confusing situations

  • Working through and overcoming addiction

  • Having the strength and know-how it takes to create the life you want

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The Coaching Experts

“My experience in working with Jordanna can be summarized in one word- Awakening. Her authenticity, creativity, positive energy, and spiritual light manifest in one’s own awareness of life, humanity, and love.” ~ Preneka Thomas

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Voted Favorite Life Coach!

Voted Favorite Life Coach!